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With over 40 years in real estate, we're experts in what we do. Our #1 goal is to help others achieve the same level of success as we have, so we've started & continued to run 4 different real estate services to make your life easier!

One Day Money

An equity-based private lender that provides loans based SOLELY on the equity in the property and not the individual applying for financing. If your property meets our minimum equity requirements, then your financing with us is approved and delivered within 24 hours – simple as that.

Marco Toronto Management

Marco Toronto Management has been providing property management services in the Toronto area for more than  20  years.  Our team of property management professionals personally take the stress away from property management. 

One Day Assignments

We provide people a simple way to get out of their preconstruction condo contracts and liquidate their units quickly with profit and no stress.

Award-winning investment experts.

Think of us as your all-in-one, go-to real estate solution. Led by 2 expert investors, Ryan Coyle & Matt Elkind, we've put together a team of lawyers, accountants, mortgage brokers, and insurance providers, meaning you can make your first real estate purchase like an expert.

We're a company built on an investment philosophy that everyone can retire wealthy with the right real estate investment strategy.

Our experience and success has led us to develop the Multiplier Effect™ investment strategy to accumulate massive wealth through real estate investment.

We make real estate easy to understand.

We realized that very few people have access to the services they need to make real estate as easy as it was for us - so we decided to offer them to help people like you live a better life.

Connect with Toronto’s leading experts in real estate asset management

Ryan Coyle

Managing Director and Partner

Ryan Coyle, Managing Director and Partner at is one of Toronto’s leading experts in condominium investing. Ryan has a distinguished track record that goes back over 20 years and a personal portfolio with over 30 properties.

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Matt Elkind

Managing Director and Partner

Matt left a successful career as an investment advisor to join ‘The Condo Store Realty Inc.’ and became the Managing Director of the Connect where he invested in all types of real estate from commercial, development, pre-construction condos to multi-unit residential.

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