Frequently Asked Questions

What makes different?

There are many things that make us different but here are a few: We negotiate directly with the developer, not the sales company managing sales for the project. Our approach leads to many investment advantages which are not made available to the public.

We provide you with professional property management services to keep your assets performing strong and healthy to allow you to reach your investment goals.

We help educate you by utilizing the most advanced and industry approved market research and analysis reports that are not available to the public and/or Realtors. These reports are prepared by the leading research and development firms that developers retain for their own due diligence and market analysis.

Do I need to be a seasoned investor?

We know you want to be smart and savvy with your money regardless of your investment experience or history. We help people just like you grow into professional and seasoned investors for a living.

What kind of research do you do?

We conduct our own in-depth research many months before a project is even on the radar of the Realtor community. With our network of developer relationships, we locate the best projects and then move to negotiate the lowest possible pricing based on a commitment to sell 20-40% of the entire inventory of the development. Unlike conventional Realtors, we negotiate volume deals with the developer ensuring that once we have been engaged our clients get the best value.

What are "incentives"?

We don’t just work on price. Incentives cover every aspect of the purchase and can range project-to-project from lower deposit structures, free maintenance, rental guarantees, exceptional caps on closing costs and ALWAYS, the option to assign/flip your Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

We make sure you get a great deal and allow you the opportunity to maximize your investment. For example, with lower deposit structures, many of our clients have the opportunity to buy MULTIPLE units with the same deposit as they would need to buy ONE single unit through the typical VIP sales center events.

How much does it cost?

Currently there is no application fee for becoming a member of At this time, any one can become a member and be granted access to our programs. Each time you complete a purchase or sell an asset, those specific transactions will have costs associated with them that we can help you estimate beforehand.

What is an "assignment"?

An assignment is basically the act of selling an Agreement of Purchase and Sale (your deal) before it closes, and you take possession of a property. Many investors use this strategy to experience amazing returns in strong markets quickly. Our expert team can help guide you through this advance technique in detail and you can determine if it is right for you.

What's the benefit of pre-construction real estate

As a real estate investor, pre-construction condos provide you with a gateway into a significant and unique opportunity for premium returns by investing in an asset that has not yet reached it’s maturity. This basically means that a condo that is completely built and someone can live in is worth a lot more than a condo that is in the process of being built. As an investor, your return is related to the difference in those two values which presents a significant opportunity. We can tell you which ones are the best.

What is the "10 day cooling period"?

Essentially, this is a law that says once you sign an Agreement of Purchase and Sale (a deal to buy a unit), you have 10 days to change your mind and back out if you don’t think it’s right for you. At Connect we believe in and respect the cooling off period. We would rather do the deals that are right for you on a consistent basis than suffer through a deal that isn’t. If you do happen change your mind, we help you with that too.

Will I still need a lawyer to review the agreement?

Yes, you need to directly retain a lawyer to complete a transaction. Pre-construction condo deals are unique real estate transactions with greater legal nuances than most lawyers are accustomed to and the right lawyer will give you great peace of mind. You specifically want to hire a Law Firm specializing in pre-construction condominiums with an experienced team. We work with one of the top legal firms in the city who have successfully closed thousands of pre-construction deals in the last few years.

How much can I increase rent?

For 2017: the rent increase guideline is 1.5% for increases between January 1 and December 31, 2017.

For 2018: the rent increase guideline is 1.8 % for increases between January 1 and December 31, 2018.

You can find out more about rent increase guidelines from the Province of Ontario

What is the LTB (Landlord Tenant Board)?

The Landlord and Tenant Board is part of Social Justice Tribunals Ontario which is a provincial body that resolves disputes between residential landlords and tenants which includes processing evictions.

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