The multiplier effect™️

Multiply your net worth.

The Multiplier Effect™️ goes like this:
1. You get access to the best opportunities
Generate passive income with our full-service property management
Be notified when it is the optimal time to refinance 
Do it all again & grow your net worth! Client Evolution

Turn 1 property into 7 income generating properties in 10 years!

Real estate is one of the safest and most predictable long-term investments. By investing in the right properties and taking advantage of traditional refinancing techniques, investors can leverage the cost of a single condo purchase into multiple condos.

We help real estate investors get a multiplier effect on their investments – transforming a single condo purchase into 7 or more condos over time.

Investors' testimonials

Everyone can retire wealthy through real estate, just ask our 2372+ investors who we’ve helped utilize our Multiplier Effect™️

"I was able to buy an excellent new build property with Ryan. I highly recommend them."

- Anna Vol

"I am happy first-time buyer thanks to Spring and Sarah from Connect. I would absolutely reccomend them!"

- Myriam Cransac

"If you want an investment and are looking to build or expand your portfolio, is the way to go!"

- Chris Butler

"Ryan is a seasoned professional with tons of connections + insight into the Toronto market. Thank you!"

- Dominika Synowiec

"They helped me buy the unit of my choice at launch, which is very crucial for buying for investments. Thank you!"

- Rajesh Panihar

"We recommend Connect to everyone and can’t wait for our next investment with them!"

- Kevin + Margaret Montrose

"Ryan is a true pro who knows the investment condo market like no one else. I’ve been buying with Ryan since 2009!"

- Don Wood

"I would definitely recommend them if anyone is interested in investing in today's crazy Condo market."

- Robert Busnello

The returns of real estate, the ease of an ETF.

Investing in property & generating a cash flow normally takes a lot of time & money, but we've got that all taken care of, so you can make the money of real estate, without the time.

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